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About DeNovix Inc.


DeNovix is a private company formed in 2012.  As scientists and engineers with proven track records of commercializing innovative products, DeNovix is passionate about facilitating the advances being made in today’s UV-visible spectrophotometry and fluorometry community. DeNovix lives in an incredible time where the pace of research is outstripping the capabilities of modern instrumentation.  DeNovix work with and for the primary research community to ensure new ideas are never limited by current technology.

DeNovix's mission is to develop, manufacture and sell innovative products for the life science community with an emphasis on higher technology optics and detection instruments. DeNovix's philosophy is to provide products of outstanding value.


Technology Focus


DeNovix is committed to uncovering and solving the challenges found in the work processes of life science laboratories around the world. The best ideas are born of necessity and will come from you, the primary researcher. We are interested in developing instrumentation to streamline your workflows and help advance up-and-coming technologies.

Our staff of scientists and engineers have a proven track record of commercializing innovative technology. We have the resources and experience to help solve your problems.



Our Areas of Interest Include:
  •     Genomics/Proteomics
  •     Cancer Research
  •     Immunology
  •     Cell Biology/Cell Culture
  •     Next Generation Sequencing
  •     Single Cell Analysis
  •     Qualitative/Quantitative Sample Analysis
  •     High Throughput
  •     Bioengineering

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Highlighted Products
DeNovix DS-11 FX Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer
Winner of the Reviewers’ Choice Award for Life Science Product of the Year, DeNovix DS-11 FX+ combines the most sensitive 1µL UV-Vis absorbance with the most flexible and precise fluorometer in one compact, maintenance-free instrument. 
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DeNovix QFX Fluorometer
The QFX Fluorometer is more sensitive and reproducible than any other instrument in its class. The QFX quantify nucleic acids and proteins using four fluorescent channels with a choice of common assays built into measurement apps or easy-to-create custom apps for the ultimate fluorometer flexibility. 
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